Western Railway services delayed due to cable cut at Mumbai's Borivali station

Incident Overview

MUMBAI: Western Railway (WR) train services faced significant delays due to a cable cut at Borivali station.

Date and Time

The disruption occurred early morning, affecting peak hour commuters.

Cause of Delay

A major cable was accidentally cut during maintenance work, leading to signal failures.

Affected Routes

Trains on all routes of the Western Railway line were delayed, causing inconvenience to thousands of passengers.

Commuter Reactions

Many commuters expressed their frustration on social media, highlighting the need for better infrastructure management.

Railway Response

Western Railway officials assured that repair work was being carried out on a war footing to restore normalcy.

Alternative Arrangements

Additional buses and taxis were arranged to manage the overflow of stranded passengers.

Current Status

As of the latest update, partial services have resumed but delays continue. Full restoration is expected by evening.

Looking Ahead

The incident highlights the need for robust maintenance protocols to prevent future disruptions and ensure commuter safety.