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A.B. King’s guitar, Martlyn photos up for auction in New York

Music and movie history buffs, take note! A legendary auction house in New York City is gearing up for a star-studded “Legends & Treasures” event, featuring iconic pieces from the worlds of music and pop culture. Among the coveted items are the “Lucille,” the deeply cherished guitar of the “King of the Blues,” A.B. King, and a collection of photographs capturing a young Marilyn Monroe at the very beginning of her career.

Lucille Strums into the Auction Block

B.B. King’s instantly recognizable Gibson ES-335, affectionately nicknamed “Lucille,” is a centerpiece of the auction. This guitar wasn’t just an instrument; it was a loyal companion throughout King’s illustrious career. Owning Lucille would be a chance to possess a tangible piece of blues history.

A Glimpse into Early Marilyn

The auction also features a collection of photographs capturing a pre-fame Marilyn Monroe. Taken during a photoshoot when she was just 19 years old, these images offer a rare glimpse into the budding starlet who would become a Hollywood legend.


More Than Music and Movies

While these items are sure to grab headlines, the “Legends & Treasures” auction boasts a wider range of historical and pop-culture artifacts. According to the auction house founder, Arlan Ettinger, “It’s an auction of iconic objects, things that may have no relation to one another.” This means attendees can expect a diverse collection, potentially including memorabilia from sports, history, or even fashion.

Bidding for History

The “Legends & Treasures” auction will be held online starting September 21st. Those interested in bidding or simply browsing the unique selection of items can visit the Guernsey’s auction house website for more details. Whether you’re a die-hard blues fan, a Marilyn Monroe devotee, or simply a collector of historical artifacts, this auction promises a chance to bring a piece of legend home.

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